Validates a license with the California State License Board and refreshes LP information with results.




Parameter Type Description
licNum string Valid CA license number. Non-alpha, max 8 characters. If null, the function uses the LPs on the supplied record ID.
rlpType string License professional type to use when validating and creating new LPs.
doPopulateRef boolean If true, creates/refreshes a reference LP of this number/type.
doPopulateTrx boolean If true, copies create/refreshed reference LPs to the supplied Cap ID. doPopulateRef must be true for this to work.
itemCap CapIDModel If supplied, licenses on the record are validated. Is also refreshed if doPopulateRef and doPopulateTrx are true.


See the “CSLB Interface using the externalLP_CA function - v3_0.pdf” document for detailed information.


appsubmitbefore (validates the LP entered, if any, and cancels the event if the LP is inactive, cancelled, expired, etc.)

cslbMessage = externalLP_CA(CAELienseNumber,false,false,CAELienseType,null);

appsubmitafter (update all CONTRACTOR LPs on the record and REFERENCE with data from CSLB. Link the record LPs to REFERENCE. Pop up a message if any are inactive...)

cslbMessage = externalLP_CA(null,true,true,"CONTRACTOR",capId)