Updates the workflow task wfstr as follows:

  • Status = wfstat

  • Status Date = current date

  • Status Comment = wfcomment

  • Action By = current user




Parameter Type Description
wfstr string Workflow task name.
wfstat string Status to update.
wfcomment string Comment to add.
wfnote string Note to add to the workflow task.
wfProcess (optional) string ID (R1_PROCESS_CODE ) for the process that the task belongs to. Required for multi-level workflows.


Closes the task wfstr and promotes the workflow to the next task, even if wfstat loops or branches. If workflow needs to loop or branch, use loopTask or branchTask functions.

If record’s workflow contains duplicate wfstr tasks, use wfProcess parameter to specify the process or subprocess whose wfstr to edit.

This old name for this function is closeWorkflow2.