Searches through all child records and returns the record ID object for the first child record whose record type matches pCapType.




Parameter Type Description
pCapType string Four level record type. Must contain 3 slash (/) characters. Do not add spaces before or after slashes. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to match all entries for a given level.
pParentCapId (optional) CapIDModel Record ID object for parent record. Use null if you use the skipChildCapId parameter.
skipChildCapId (optional) CapIDModel Record ID object of child record to skip.


If you use the pParentCapId parameter, the function searches child records of the record whose record ID object is pParentCapId. If you use the skipChildCapId parameter, the function skips over any child record whose record ID object is skipChildCapId.

To find the sibling of the current record, use the function getParent() as the parentCapId parameter and capId as the skipChildCapId parameter.


siblingCapId = childGetByCapType("*/*/*/*", getParent(), capId)

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