Parameter Type Description
desiredSetId string The ID of the set to create or operate on by the capSet object.


capSet is a helper object that assists in managing Civic Platform Sets of records. If the desiredSetId already exists as a Set, it loads automatically. If the desiredSetId does not exist, function creates it as an empty set.


refresh() The capSet object reloads and all properties refresh.
add(capId) Adds the supplied capId to the set.
remove(capId) Removes the supplied capId from the set.
update() The header information about the set updates to the current values. This header information includes the set name and set comment.


id The Id of the set.
name The name of the set.
comment The set comment.
size The number of records in the set.
empty True if the set has no members.
members An array or CapIDModel objects representing the membership of the set.