Adds a condition (pType, pStatus, pDesc, pComment, pImpact) to the address on the record whose address number is pAddrNum.




Parameter Type Description
pAddrNum number Address number. Use null for all addresses on record.
pType string Condition type.
pStatus string Condition status.
pDesc string Condition name.
pComment string Condition comment.
pImpact string Condition severity.
pAllowDup string Determines whether to add duplicate condition to address.


True if the function adds the condition, false otherwise.


If pAddrNum is null, adds the condition to all the addresses on the record. If pAllowDup is N, the function does not add a condition to the address if the same condition is already on the address. If pAllowDup is Y, the function adds the condition to the address even if this action duplicates the condition on the address.

The function adds the condition to the reference Address record. The function adds the condition only if you use the Search button on the record’s Address screen or use the Get Associated Object button on the record’s parcel screen to add the address to the record. If you enter the address manually, the function does not add the condition.

The pAddrNum value comes from B3ADDRES.