Adds a single fee fcode to the record, from the fee schedule fsched with fee period fperiod and quantity of fqty.




Parameter Type Description
fcode string Fee code to add.
fsched string Fee schedule of the fee to add.
fperiod string Fee period to use.
fqty integer Quantity to enter.
finvoice string Flag for invoicing (“Y” or “N”).
capID (optional) CapIDModel Record to add fee to.


The fee period fperiod must be a valid fee period for fcode in fsched, or this function throws an error.


If finvoice is Y, the function invoices the fee. If finvoice is N, the function assesses the fee but does not invoice the fee.

If you use the capID optional parameter, the function updates record capID. If you do not use the capID parameter, the function updates the current record.

getApplication( ), getParent( ), createChild() functions each returns a record ID object that you can use in the capID parameter.

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