Viewing Master Scripts

Civic Platform provides the Master Scripts and Custom Script administration tools as part of the Event administration tools. These tools enable you to view available master scripts, and to view or edit the custom script.

The custom script, INCLUDES_CUSTOM, is a placeholder master script that contains custom functions. Instead of modifying standard functions provided by Accela, create custom functions and save them in INCLUDES_CUSTOM. At runtime, the master scripts can call the custom functions in INCLUDES_CUSTOM.

To view a master script

  1. Choose AA Classic > Admin Tools > Events > Master Scripts.

    Civic Platform displays the Master Scripts search window.

  2. In the Master Script Version drop-down list, select the Master Script Version you want to view.


    You can upgrade the master script version when you upgrade Civic Platform. Civic Platform makes all versions of the master scripts available at the same time. Administrators can set the Standard Choice MASTER_SCRIPT_DEFAULT_VERSION to continuously apply a specific version of master scripts, regardless of the master script upgrades.

  3. Click the Submit button to see the list of master scripts provided in the version.

    Civic Platform displays the master script list.

    For the complete master script list, see Viewing Master Scripts.

  4. Click the red dot that appears next to the master script you want to view.

    Civic Platform displays the master script detail.

To view and edit a custom script

  1. Choose AA Classic > Admin Tools > Events > Custom Script.

    Civic Platform displays the custom script detail.

    The script name of the custom script is INCLUDES_CUSTOM.

  2. Edit the script code of the custom script in the Master Script Text field.

    For more information on editing custom script, see Adding Custom Functions.