Master Scripts

Civic Platform provides some Out-Of-The-Box master scripts. For most of these master scripts, Civic Platform defines a 1-1 relationship between the master script and the event which triggers master script execution. Civic Platform uses the same base name for the master script and the associated trigger event. The following lists these master scripts.

AdditionalInfoUpdateAfter AdditionalInfoUpdateBefore
ApplicationConditionAddAfter ApplicationConditionDeleteBefore
ApplicationConditionUpdateAfter ApplicationConditionUpdateBefore
ApplicationSpecificInfoUpdateAfter ApplicationSpecificInfoUpdateBefore
ApplicationStatusUpdateAfter ApplicationStatusUpdateBefore
ApplicationSubmitAfter ApplicationSubmitBefore
CapSetProcessing  ContactAddAfter
ContactAddBefore ContactEditAfter
ContactEditBefore  ContactRemoveAfter 
ContactRemoveBefore  ConvertToRealCapAfter 
DocumentUploadAfter  DocumentUploadBefore 
FeeAssessAfter  FeeAssessBefore 
FeeEstimateAfter4ACA  InspectionMultipleScheduleAfter 
InspectionMultipleScheduleBefore InspectionResultModifyAfter
InspectionResultModifyBefore InspectionResultSubmitAfter
InspectionResultSubmitBefore InspectionScheduleAfter
InspectionScheduleBefore InvoiceFeeAfter
LicProfLookupSubmitAfter LicProfLookupSubmitBefore
LicProfUpdateAfter LicProfUpdateBefore
ParcelAddAfter ParcelAddBefore
ParcelUpdateAfter PaymentProcessingAfter
PaymentProcessingBefore PaymentReceiveAfter 
PaymentReceiveBefore  RenewalInfoUpdateAfter 
TimeAccountingAddAfter  TimeAccountingUpdateAfter 
V360InspectionResultSubmitAfter  V360InspectionResultSubmitBefore 
V360ParcelAddAfter  VoidPaymentAfter 
VoidPaymentBefore  WorkflowTaskUpdateAfter 

In addition to event-specific master scripts, Civic Platform provides the following master script files:

UniversalMasterScript Provides a template for creating additional event-specific master scripts.
ScriptTester Enables you to test script controls without triggering an event from the user interface.
INCLUDES_ACCELA_ FUNCTIONS Included by each master script during runtime. Contains all global functions provided by Accela. Do not modify this file outside of official Accela master script releases.
INCLUDES_ACCELA_ FUNCTIONS_ASB Included by each master script during runtime. Similar to INCLUDES_ACCELA_FUNCTIONS but contains Accela provided functions specific to the ApplicationSubmitBefore event in which a current record is not available.
INCLUDES_ACCELA_ GLOBALS Included by each master script during runtime. Contains global flags that are responsible for the setup the EMSE master script environment. Each master script file, from previous framework versions, set these flags individually in the master script file. Some examples of these global settings are enableVariableBranching, showDebug, showMessage, and useAppSpecificGroupName.
INCLUDES_CUSTOM Contains customizations made to the master script framework. Every executed master script evaluates the script code in this file. Segregation of customizations in this file enables you to upgrade and maintain the EMSE master script framework without an impact to your customizations.

Accela recommends the use of the custom function JavaScript files within the JavaScript framework to implement customizations to the master scripts. See JavaScript Scripting Framework.