Understanding JavaScript Scripting Framework

Starting with Civic Platform 8.0.1, master scripts (version 3.0) allow customizations using a JavaScript-based framework instead of the legacy Standard Choice Script Controls. With the JavaScript framework, script developers can leverage the following features:

  • Use of standard JavaScript syntax
    • Faster development times
    • Decreased learning curve for new Accela developers
    • Cleaner, more readable code
    • Support for IDE tools and syntax highlighting
  • Improved error-handling and debugging
    • Errors reference appropriate lines in code
    • Improved script tester code
    • Use of try/catch for error handling
    • Debugging is 10x faster
  • EMSE Tool integration
    • EMSE Tool integrates with version control systems (SVN and Git)
    • Enables standards based configuration management of script code
    • Custom functions and event scripts can be contained in individual files for better organization
    • Easy migration of scripts between environmentsBasic set of scripting variables, standard functions, flow of execution
The following diagram illustrates a typical script development process using the JavaScript framework with the master scripts: