Viewing a Production Release Version

You can see which functions Civic Platform includes and supports in each release. Civic Platform provides a definition for each official production release and defines which functions Civic Platform includes in each release.

This function is for reference only; do not attempt to change any information without direction from Accela Services personnel. Changing this information can prevent Civic Platform from functioning properly.

To view a production release version

  1. Select Administrator Tools > Agency Profile > Version.

    Civic Platform displays the AA Release—Search page.

  2. Enter your Agency in the Agency Code field.

  3. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform displays the AA Release Version—Browse page.

  4. Click the link for the version you want to view.

    Civic Platform displays the AA Release Version—Edit page.

  5. Review the fields as described in Table 1.

  6. Click Save.

    Civic Platform saves your changes.

    Table 1. Release Version Detail
    AA Release Version The release number of the current version.
    Description Displays a longer description of the version.
    Production Date Displays the production date.
    Is Default Defines whether the version is the default release. The latest version is usually the default.
    Status Defines whether the release version is visible on the Agency Profile page.