Viewing Events

Events are triggers that initiate scripts in Civic Platform. Events include application submittal, fee payment, and the scheduling of inspections. When an event occurs, it can lead to another event, depending on the end result of the script that the original event triggers. For example, a script can require payment for all fees before Civic Platform issues a permit, or a script might reschedule an inspection that fails.

You can view events in Civic Platform. The application administrator creates scripts from the events. For more information on how Civic Platform handles events and scripts, see the Accela Civic Platform Scripting Guide.

Viewing events enables you to understand which events you can include when writing scripts. Do not edit or add events. Only modify events with the express permission of, and under the direction of, Accela Services personnel.

To view events

  1. Select Administrator Tools > Agency Profile > Events.

    Civic Platform displays the Event Manager Administration page.

  2. Click the Events link.

    Civic Platform displays the Events page.

  3. Enter the name or part of the name of the event you want.

  4. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform displays the Event Administration—Event list.

  5. Click the red dot next to the event you want to view.

    Civic Platform displays the Events Administration—Event Detail page.