Setting Up the Reports Directory

Report Manager stores reports in a specific directory on the report server, which you must create, by following the steps below. This enables Civic Platform users to access reports via Report Manager.

If you are configuring a multi-agency environment, you must create a subdirectory for each agency, and name the subdirectory with the Agency ID. Agency users have access to only those reports that reside in the subdirectory for their agency.

To create the report directory

  1. Navigate the root directory of the report server using Windows Explorer.

  2. Create a folder and name it the same name as the Civic Platform Environment name. You can get the Environment name from the Report Manager portlet, as follows:

    1. In Civic Platform, navigate to V360 Administration > Setup > Report Manager.

    2. In Report Manager, navigate to Settings > Report Services > <report service name>.

      The Report Service Form displays.

    3. In this example, the Environment field displays the Environment name “Production,” so you must name the folder on the report server Production (exactly as it displays above).

  3. Create folders for your agency, and any additional agencies you may have if you are operating in a multi-agency environment., inside the <Environment Name> folder. Name the folders the same name as the Agency ID.

    You can get the Agency ID from the Report Service Form you navigated to in step b. In this example, the Agency field contains “State,” so you would name the folder on the report server State (exactly as it displays above).

    In multi-agency environments, agencies have access to only those reports that reside in the folder for their agency.

  4. Copy the Accela standard reports and agency custom reports into the <Agency> folder.