Session Time-out Setting

The session time-out setting specifies the maximum amount of time that a Civic Platform session can remain idle before it ends automatically. By default, the time-out setting is 2 hours. You can adjust the session time-out value (in seconds) by configuring the Standard Choice SESSION_TIMEOUT at the agency level or by editing the XPolicy.csv file at the web server level. If both the Standard Choice SESSION_TIMEOUT and the XPolicy.csv file specify the session time-out value, the session time-out setting at the agency level overrides that at the server level. If the Standard Choice does not specify a session time-out value, then Civic Platform enforces the time-out setting configured in the XPolicy.csv file. If you specify a value less than 600 seconds, Civic Platform automatically enforces a session time-out period of 10 minutes.

To configure the session time-out value at the web server level

  1. Open the XPolicy.csv file.

  2. Locate the sso.session.timeout property in the LEVEL_DATA column.

  3. Enter a value greater than 600 in the DATA1 column next to the sso.session.timeout property.

  4. Save the file.

To configure a session time-out value at the agency level

  1. Log in to Civic Platform.

  2. Navigate to Classic Admin > Standard Choices.

  3. Configure the Standard Choice SESSION_TIMEOUT, as illustrated in the sample screen below.

    This Standard Choice determines when (in seconds) a user’s session times out, at the agency level. It overrides the session time-out setting at the web server level.

  4. Click Update.

    For complete details, refer to SESSION_TIMEOUT in the Civic Platform Configuration Reference.