Rebuilding the Global Search and APO Indexes


Prior to the release of Civic Platform, the global search and APO search features only supported two index modes:

  1. An index built for individual agencies (one-to-one relationship)
  2. An index built for all agencies in a multi-agency environment (all-in-one relationship)

With the hotifx, Civic Platform supports a 3rd mode – "mixed-mode" indexing. This enables standalone agencies to be indexed individually, while multi-tenant, "super agency" environments can be indexed in a group, to support cross-agency searches.

The following example illustrates a mixed-mode setup with eight agencies (two groups and one standalone agency) hosted in the same database.

Consult with an Accela Customer Support representative to determine what changes you need to make in your environment and the best approach.

Note: The delegate user model is not effected by these enhancements.

Changes to the Index Folder Structure

Prior to release, the sub-folders named RefAddress and RefParcel were named according to the APO source sequence numbers. Effective in, they are renamed to match the agency SERV_PROV_CODE.

Configuring the AGENCY_GROUP Standard Choice

A new Standard Choice, AGENCY_GROUP, is available in Use this Standard Choice to define agency environments.

  1. Log into Civic Platform Super Agency.
  2. Create a new Standard Choice, AGENCY_GROUP.
  3. Add the agencies comprising the multi-agency environment as Standard Choice items.
    1. In the Value field, enter the SERV_PROV_CODE of the parent agency.
    2. In the Value Desc field, enter the child agency Service Provider Codes. Separate each child agency SERV_PROV_CODE with a comma, as shown in Example 1 below. If the agency has a large number of child agencies, refer to Example 2.

      Example 1

      If the super agency has a large number of child agencies, you can use the reserved keyword ALL. The Index server will translate ALL into a list of all agencies under the SERV_PROV_CODE. Example 2 below uses the Oregon super agency, which is comprised of over 170 child agencies.

      Example 2

    3. Click Update.

      The agency group configuration defined in this Standard Choice is cached in the av.indexer server. You must click Update on this screen to synchronize this configuration with the av.indexer server.

      While changes to the agency group do not require a restart of the av.indexer server, any changes will take at least 15 seconds to take effect. This is because the cache is used for real-time updates/rebuilds of the index. Refreshing more frequently would negatively impact the overall performance of the database server.

Rebuilding the Global Search and APO Indexes

Planning for Index Server Down Time

Rebuilding the index takes hours for small agencies and days for large agencies. Agencies should create a plan for minimizing the impact of the index rebuild down-time.

You may wish to discuss solutions for minimizing downtime with Accela Customer Support.

Rebuilding the Global Search and APO Indexes

You must rebuild your global search and APO indexes in connection with this change. For complete instructions please refer to "Creating a Global Search Index Batch Job" section of the Civic Platform Administrator Guide.