Installing Crystal Reports XI

Follow the instructions in this section to install and integrate Crystal Reports XI with Civic Platform.

You must install the Crystal Reports Server in RAS mode, or the equivalent, for Civic Platform to run Crystal Reports. You must also configure the server to allow anonymous access to the reports.

Installing the server installs an ASP page to the ISS Web Server, enabling you to link to the Crystal Server from Civic Platform. This ASP page passes the log in information and parameters to the Crystal Enterprise Server when a user launches a report from Civic Platform.

The installation steps below assume Crystal Reports XI. For Crystal 9 installation steps see Installing Crystal Reports 9.

To configure Report Manager with Crystal Reports XI

  1. Get files from C:\Accela\av.deploy\dist\reportadapter\crystal\cr11. If you have trouble locating this file, note that the C:\Accela portion of the navigation path varies depending on the location of the installation directory. The av.deploy\dist\reportadapter must always exist in whatever folder you selected for installation.

  2. Copy the files to the directory where you store your reports. For example, E:\MyReports\.

  3. Open the Central Configuration Manager.

  4. Stop the Report Application Server.

  5. Open the properties for Report Application Server.

  6. Specify the Report File as the Crystal Report root in the Parameter tab.

  7. Start the Report Application Server.

  8. Open the ISS administration console; create a virtual directory under node Default Website with alias myreports.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Specify the Website Directory to the directory that contains content. For example, E:\myReports.

  11. After specifying the directory, click OK, then click Next and click Finish to complete.

  12. Enter http://localhost/myreports/adapter/FileDirectory.asp?env=<aasite>&agency=<agency> in the browser.

    An .xml file displays.

  13. Open the ODBC console and set an ODBC connection.

  14. Open the Windows Registry, find the Data Source Name in the ODBC.INI file. Set the password in the ODBC.INI file.

  15. Open the XReport.asp file in the /adapter/XReport.asp. Update the user name and password or your database connection.


    In the Crystal Report Service Adapter, myreports and reports are the folder names in the asp files.

    myreports: The virtual directory is the hard coded website alias in ISS. If you want to change the name, you must also change the name in FileDirectory.asp and XReport.asp.

    reports: If you want to change the name, you must also change the name in FileDirectory.asp and XReport.asp.