HTTP to HTTPS URL Migration Utility

Use the av-update-url migration utility to transform HTTP URLs to HTTPS URLs.


To run this utility, you need Java5 and ANT in your program path.


You can find the migration utility in this location: C:/Accela/av.install/update-url-utility/. Run the utility from an MS-DOS command window.

To run the migration utility

  1. From the MS-DOS command line, enter

    The utility reads all possible records that contain http:// and prompts you to choose which ones to update.

  2. Enter Y for each URL you want to convert. Press Enter for any URLs you want to skip.

    You must update any URLs pointing to your Civic Platform web server (s).

  3. Update the URLs in the following database tables:




    Example of URLs you must update:

Sample Utility Output




av-update-url : Initializing environment


av-update-url [scriptargs]

[-dbtype=*] oracle or mssql

[-host=*] db host

[-port=*] db port

[-db=*] sid or database name on server

[-username=*] db user

[-password=*] db password

[-match=] search pattern. Defaults to "http://"

[-replace=] replacement pattern. Defaults to "https://"



An example of updating an Oracle database:

av-update-url  -dbtype=oracle -host= -port=1521 -db=ASPA -username=aauser -password=mypass

An example of updating an Microsoft SQL database:

av-update-url  -dbtype=mssql -host=SLC-AW-DEMO -port=2433 -db=BRIDGEVIEW -username=accela -password=mypasswd