Workflow Administration

Civic Platform provides a graphical tool (Workflow Designer) and a legacy ‘Classic’ tool for designing workflows. The Classic Workflow administration tool follows the standard configuration styles in Civic Platform Classic. Workflow Designer is a graphical design tool much easier to use. Workflow Designer contains almost all the functions in the Classic Workflow administration tool, but gives you the convenience to do everything visually. Some workflow related administration functions work with both Workflow Designer and the Classic Workflow administration tool.


Enabling Workflow Designer

Set the following FID for administrators to work with Workflow Designer:

Enabling Classic Workflow Administration Tool

Set the following FIDs for administrators to work in the Classic Workflow administration tool:

Common Workflow Configuration Tasks

No matter whether you work with Workflow Designer or Classic Workflow administration tool, some functions are common for workflow configuration.

Table 1. FIDs and Standard Choices for Workflow Administration
Workflow Administration Required FIDs and Standard Choices
Task Specific Information 0143-Admin Workflow Task Spec Info, 0180-Admin Workflow Task Spec Info Subgroups, 0267-TSI Form Layout Editor
Workflow Report Settings 0192-Workflow Report Setting
Activity Specific Information 0246-Activities Specific Information
Workflow Security 8140-Limit Assignments by Dept
Workflow E-mail Settings 0026-Admin Workflow Email Messages, 0025-Admin Workflow Email Settings
Workflow Proximity Alerts 0154-Reference Workflow Proximity Alerts
Workload and Skillsets 0150-Admin Workload and Skillset