Understanding Function Identifications

Civic Platform uses Function Identifications (FIDs) settings to determine access to Civic Platform functions. You can set FIDs at the agency, modules, and user group levels.

FID settings for a module apply to all users with access to the module. FID settings for a user group further refine the module FID settings by applying to all user group members within the module. A single user can belong to only one user group for each module.

Civic Platform exposes more than 500 FIDs to solution modules and to user groups, and 34 FIDs (11 of which are unique) to SuperAgency module user groups.

Civic Platform provides a single UI page for configuring the FIDs (Figure 1).

Figure: Setting FIDs

Civic Platform organizes the FIDs in a hierarchy as follows:

Function Group The main level of FID categorization that consists of four headings:
  • Agency. Comprised of a single FID for configuring Accela events.
  • Admin. Addresses functionality associated with the Admin tab in the Civic Platform ‘Classic’ interfaces. Consists of features typically associated with administrators.
  • Daily. Addresses functionality associated with the Daily tab in the Civic Platform ‘Classic’ interfaces. Consists of features typically associated with users.
  • Reference. Primarily addresses Address, Parcel, Owner (APO) functionality.
Function Type A FID type categorization within each of the three main function groups (Admin, Daily, Reference)
Function Subtype A FID subtype categorization within each function type
Function Category A FID category within each function subtype
Function Name The name of the FID

You configure each FID by setting it for no access, full access, or read access as follows:

No Access Deactivates the feature entirely for the selected user group. The user group cannot see this feature.
Full Access Grants the selected user group permission to perform all actions associated with the feature.
Read Only Allows the selected user group to view and to search information associated with the feature.

Function IDs Reference provides reference information about all FIDs in numeric ascending order.