State/Province (User-defined Name)


Civic Platform, Citizen Access


Business Configuration - State/Province


This Standard Choice defines a list of states or provinces that can be available for selection in the State (or Province) drop-down list across Civic Platform and Citizen Access.

You can specify a unique name as the Standard Choice name (the name of the State list). The Standard Choice name appears as an option of the State/Province drop-down list in the Regional Settings portlet. The administrator can relate the State list to a country or region in the Regional Settings portlet. When the user selects that country or region in a form like the Contact Address intake form, Civic Platform populates the corresponding states from the specified State list in the State (or Province) drop-down list. See Figure 1 for an illustrative example.

Figure: Define the State List for the United States

Standard Choice values can include:

{Enter the names of the states or provinces.}




Value Descriptions:

{Enter description of the state or province.}

Alaska {for the Standard Choice value “AK”}

California {for the Standard Choice value “CA”}

South Dakota {for the Standard Choice value “SD”}