Civic Platform


System Switch


This Standard Choice specifies the session time-out value (in seconds) at the agency level and overrides the session time-out setting at the web server level.

Administrators can configure whether to display a session time-out warning to users, to warn that the session is timing out. Users can select Yes in the time-out warning to restart the session.

Table 1. SESSION_TIMEOUT Standard Choice Values
Standard Choice Values Value Description Description
TIMEOUT Enter a number (of seconds). Default: 7200. The value defines the time period after which a Civic Platform session with no activity times out. If you specify a value less than 600 seconds, Civic Platform automatically enforces a session time-out period of 10 minutes.
TIMEOUT WARNING Enter a number (of seconds). Default: 120. This value defines the advance time in seconds to pop up the session time-out warning.