Civic Platform, Citizen Access


System Switch


This Standard Choice defines the value options for the reference address type. Use this Standard Choice for the reference address in conjunction with FID 0276-Address Type Group and FID 0277-Address Type for the reference address (when enabled).

Super agency administrators must configure this Standard Choice to enable the creation of records and services with external addresses.

Standard Choice values can include:

  • Asset Address

  • Parcel Address

  • Right of Way

  • Street Row

The Value Desc text appears as the drop down list item for the corresponding address type.

Descriptive Text in Citizen Access

For Citizen Access, the REF_ADDRESS_TYPE standard choice can be used to add text that will be displayed in Citizen Access when users search for the address type. To add descriptive text for Citizen Access, after the drop down list item text, append a pipe character followed by the descriptive text. For example: