Record Type Administration

You configure record type additions and record type edits in the AA Classic portlet or in the Setup portlet. The same set of FIDs control the options in the two places.

Set the FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure record types.

Table 1. FIDs and Standard Choices for Record Administration
Record Administration Required FIDs and Standard Choices
Record Status Groups 0127-Admin Application Status Group
Record Type 0065-Admin Application Types, 0318-Administration, 0319-Delete ASI and ASIT on existing CAPs, 0071-Admin Workflow Final Inspection, CAP_RETAIN_FEESCHEDULE, MULTIPLE_LICENSE_PROFESSIONAL, ENABLE_CAP_TYPE_ALIAS
Record Types in Citizen Access 0075-Admin License Types, 0108-Admin Document Type, 0244-Fee Estimation
SmartChoice Groups 0061-Admin SmartChoice Code