Civic Platform


System Switch


This Standard Choice allows you to configure the random audit functionality.

Table 1. RANDOM_AUDIT Standard Choice Values
Standard Choice Values Value Desc Description
AUDIT_MAXIMUM_RESULT Any numerical value up to 50,000. Default: 50,000 This value specifies the maximum number of records that can be part of the audit set.
AUDIT_FREQUENCY X Months (where X represents number of months) For example:2 Months This value defines the audit frequency (in number of months) at the agency level. To define audit frequency at the module level, see MODULE_AUDIT_FREQUENCY.
AGENCY_EMAIL_ ADDRESS Additional e-mail address(es) that you want to blind courtesy copy the report to. The report is automatically sent to the email addresses specified in the record contacts or Report Manager. You can blind courtesy copy (bcc) it to additional addresses. The default From email address is the agency administrator’s address.