Civic Platform


System Switch


The Standard Choice provides an agency with a way to customize a unique record ID for different values in the Value Desc field. You configure this Standard Choice differently for Accela-hosted and on-premise deployments.

Standard Choices value:

Set the POINT_OF_SALE_TYPE value by entering each general type of fee item you want to apply a fee to when making a point of sale. Create one value for each type of fee item. For example, values might be Food, Clothing, or Media.}

Value Desc (for Accela-hosted deployments):

USER=Internal;CapID=<my_record_ID>. <my_record_ID> is a dummy record ID. For example, you can set the Value Desc to: USER=Internal;CapID=10FDD-00000-#0001.


Civic Platform uses the dummy record ID as a placeholder to enable point of sale functionality, the dummy record ID does not display to any Civic Platform users.

Value Desc (for on-premise deployments)

USER=Public;CapID=<record_ID>. If on-premise sites need to enter a customizable record ID that applies a dummy record ID for each fee item value, then <record_ID> must follow the format of xxxxx-xxxxx-#xxxx where xxxx can be any alphanumeric value. For example, if Food is the value, then the Value Desc field might look like this: USER=Public;CapID=10POS-0000-#0000. For example: