Civic Platform, Citizen Access


System Switch


This Standard Choice, together with your settings for the CLEAREXPIREDINCOMPLETECAP script and also the batch job for running the script, can periodically purge those partial applications that users Save without Submitting in Civic Platform, or Save and Resume later in Citizen Access.

The Standard Choice value includes:

{Any numeric value, such as 90, that represents the number of days that partially completed applications remain before Civic Platform removes the partial applications.}

For example, if today is April 1, 2008 and you set the value to 30 days, when the batch job runs and executes the CLEAREXPIREDINCOMPLETECAP script, all the partial applications created on March 31, 2008 (which is day number 1 in counting) through March 2 remain in Civic Platform, and all partial applications with a creation day of 31 (March 1, in this case) or earlier are purged.