Multiple Agency Administration

The multiple-agency administration feature requires Standard Choice configuration. You must specify one agency to act as the main agency and the rest as sub-agencies in Civic Platform Classic.


Administering Multiple Agencies

Set the following Standard Choice to enable the multiple-agency administration with one agency as the main agency, and the others as the sub-agencies.

Sharing Information across Agencies

Set the following Standard Choice to check for duplicate address, parcel, and owner information in multiple agencies:

Set the following Standard Choice to share contacts across multiple agencies:

Configuring Delegate Users

You can configure Civic Platform to expose the delegate user portlets and enable the ability of delegate users to switch between the main agency and sub-agencies.

You must set configurations for each agency and the delegate user configuration can differ from agency to agency.

Set the following FIDs:

Configuring Multiple Agency Services

Set the following FID and Standard Choice:

Set agency priority definitions in the Agency Priority EMSE script. This script determines which agency has priority over other agencies should multiple agencies offer the same service.