Civic Platform, Citizen Access


System Switch


This Standard Choice applies to multi-agency administration. The settings define which agency is the super agency for the management of services from multiple agencies and provides the ability to lock a service from licensed professionals or addresses by a condition.

Table 1. MULTI_SERVICE_SETTINGS Standard Choice Values
Standard Choice Values Value Desc Description
IS_​SUPER_​AGENCY Yes, No Set the value to Yes for the main agency (super agency), and No for sub-agencies. Citizen Access uses this value to determine if the current agency is a super agency.
ALLOW_​SERVICE_​LOCK_​ SEVERITY Yes, No Set the value to Yes to enable the ability to lock services by condition. Civic Platform provides a Service Lock option in the Severity drop-down list in the conditions portlets for licensed professionals and addresses.
AGENCY_​LOGO_​TYPE This Value Desc must match the value from the Standard Choice LOGO_TYPE_CATEGORY. This configuration matches the logo with the agency and service. Citizen Access uses this logo type to indicate which associated agency logo to attach the service.
SUPER_​AGENCY_​FOR_​EMSE <SuperAgencyName> The name of the super-agency which is used by EMSE master scripts. This applies to Master Scripts 3.0 included in Civic Platform 8.0.1 and later)
SUPER_​AGENCY_​INCLUDE_​SCRIPT <INCLUDES_​CUSTOM_​ENTERPRISE> Optional includes file for all agencies within a super-agency. This applies to Master Scripts 3.0 and later (included in Civic Platform 8.0.1 and later).