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System Switch


This Standard Choice is for a variety of uses as described below:

  • Effective with the 7.3.3 release, Citizen Access public websites that use the new UX template require a Standard Choice value of ACA_NewUI_LOGO.

  • Define logo type categories. Agencies use the USERINFOLOGO Standard Choice value to add an agency logo to the User Information portlet. The Standard Choice values must match the Value Desc for the AGENCY_LOGO_TYPE Standard Choice value of the Standard Choice MULTI_SERVICE_SETTINGS.

  • Agencies use the AGENCY_LOGO Standard Choice value to add an agency logo to ad hoc reports through the Accela Ad hoc Report portlet. If no logo file is exists with this logo type, the system uses the Accela logo as the default.

  • You can create values to define the grade cards for food facility inspection results, such as Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Closure, to add grade card images to the Food Facility Inspection.

Standard Choice values can include:




Grade A

Grade B