Civic Platform


System Switch


This Standard Choice defines the global trust account ID and the module to which it is applicable. If a user tries to process a refund, and chooses Trust Account as the method, then the global trust account for the module to which the current record belongs displays by default.

Agencies can assign one or more global trust accounts as global to Civic Platform users. If a trust account is global, then it is available to all records within one or more modules.

If a user selects a defined global trust account and a primary trust account for a record, then the primary trust account is the default trust account.

Standard Choice values can include:

{Enter the trust account ID. For example, 2011-TrustAccount-000.}

Value Desc:

{Enter the module for which the global trust account is applicable.}



If a global trust account is applicable to all (modules) and also a specific module (Building, for example), the trust account for the specific module takes precedence (has a higher priority).