Citizen Access


System Switch


This Standard Choice controls the food facility search functionality in Citizen Access.

Table 1. FOOD_FACILITY_INSPECTION Standard Choice Values
Standard Choice Values Value Desc Description
RELATED_LICENSE_ TYPES Enter the license types in the value description, separated with a comma. Identifies the license types used for the food facility
PREVIOUS_INSPECTION_ DISPLAY_TOTAL_ NUMBER Enter a number. Sets the number of most recent inspections allowed for display in the Food Facility Details page.
PREVIOUS_INSPECTION_ DISPLAY_LAST_DAYS Enter a number. Sets a number of days counted backwards from the current date, excluding the dates on which no inspection is given result.

Citizen Access displays the inspections that have results on any one of the defined number of days in the Previous Inspection section of the food facility license. For example, set “3” to the Value Description for this Standard Choice Value, and the current date is 1/2/2012.

For a food facility license, it has no inspection resulted on the current day. Its last three inspection-resulting days are 1/1/2012, 1/7/2011, and 1/1/2011.

The inspections of which the Result Date is one of these three days is displayed in the Previous Inspection section of that food facility license in Citizen Access.

The setting is for global use by the food facility licenses as default value. Agency users can specify a different number for a particular food facility license in the “Display Inspection in the past # of Days” field in the license Detail portlet in Civic Platform.
THE_MOST_ INSPECTION_DELAY_ DAYS Enter a number. Sets a number of days counted forwards from the inspections result date. You can display inspections only after the configured number of days. For example, if you set the value description to 5 (days after the result date) and an inspection result occurs on November 12, then you can display the inspection from November 17.