Civic Platform


You can use this Standard Choice to identify all possible event actions for the event manager and the script engine. The Standard Choice values you create populate the Action list in the script.

Each Standard Choice value must also have a corresponding Standard Choice.

For example, you can create a GIS proximity alert that checks whether night club applications are within 3000 feet of a church or school. In such a case, you might create an event action value named NIGHTCLUBCHECK, you must also create a new Standard Choice named NIGHTCLUBCHECK. The values for the NIGHTCLUBCHECK Standard Choice include the Distance and a description of 3000 feet.

Standard Choice values can include:

{Actions that you want to include for the event manager and the script engine.}

Value Desc provides the name of the javascript file that you add to the directory named “\eventmanager\javascript\”.

{For example, /eventmanager/javascript/NIGHTCLUBCHECK.js.}