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This Standard Choice determines the contact address types you can add to the Contact Address tab in reference contacts.

Standard Choice values can include:

Home Address

Mailing Address

Physical Address

Work Address

If you set the Standard Choice ENABLE_CONTACT_ADDRESS_VALIDATION to Yes, a Validation Settings link displays besides each contact address type.

You can click the Validation Settings link to configure the validation details (see Table 1).

Table 1. Contact Address Validation Settings
Field Description
Address Type This field displays the contact address type for which you are configuring the validation settings.
Validation Source Select an Standard Choice EXTERNAL_CONTACT_ADDRESS_SOURCE_[SOURCE NAME] which contains the validation source information, that is, the addresses of an external address source.
Validation is required Select Yes if you require validation for the current contact address type. Otherwise, select No.
Only for... This link displays if you set Yes for the “Validation is required” field. You can click the Specific Countries link at this field to select the countries for which you want to validate the addresses.

The country option(s) listed at the top is the value(s) from the Standard Choice COUNTRY_DEFAULT_VALUE, and the remaining options are from the values in the Standard Choice COUNTRY.

If you do not select any country, Civic Platform validates all the addresses.

If you select some countries, Civic Platform validates only the addresses in the selected countries.