Civic Platform, Citizen Access, and Mobile Office


System Switch


Civic Platform uses this Standard Choice for multiple-agency administration. This Standard Choice determines which agencies can share contacts, including basic contact information, contact templates, contact addresses, contact aliases, contact relationships, and contact association with public users. When you consolidate contacts, users can search contacts or update contacts across agencies, and you can limit duplicate contacts in agency databases.

Agencies can only share contacts you create after you configure this Standard Choice. To share existing contacts, run a migration script to migrate the existing contacts from one agency to another. See “Migrating Existing Contacts across Multiple Agencies” in the Migration Scripts chapter of the Civic Platform Migration Guide.

The Standard Choice value is case-insensitive and must be the agency code that your super administrator defined when creating the agency. To find the correct agency code, see “Maintaining Agencies” in the Agencies and Functions chapter of the Civic Platform On-Premise Administrator Supplement.


Each involved agency must configure this Standard Choice in the same way.