Configuring Work Orders


Work Order Administration

Set the FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure work order types, groups and costs.

Table 1. FIDs and Standard Choices for Work Order Administration
Work Order Administration Required FIDs and Standard Choices
Work Order Cost Items and Cost Groups 0161-Admin Work Order Costing Item Definition, 0170-Admin-WO Template Costing, 0330-Admin Work Order Costing Group Definition
Work Order Templates 0169-Admin-Work Order Template, 0173-WO Template Part
Work Order Tasks 0254-WO Task Definition
Work Order Types 0306-Work Order Type

Creating Work Orders and Records

Set the following FIDs for users to create work orders:

Managing Associations with Work Orders

Set the following FIDs:

Managing Work Order Tasks

You can configure Civic Platform to allow users to manage work order information associated with tasks.

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

Accessing Work Order Assignments and Costs

Set the following FIDs to manage the assignments and costs in work orders, or distribute the costs:

Configuring Work Order Production Tracking

Civic Platform provides a way for your agency to track Work Order Production information. This feature allows an agency to anticipate realistic expectations for a work crew with realistic estimated costs for completion. After you enter the actual work order cost, Civic Platform compares the actual data against a defined estimated standard. As a result, you can compare the costs and crew performance for a Work Order on an equal basis to the costs and crew performance from a different Work Order. The agency can review this information to solve problem, and make a budget, or make a plan.

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices: