Configuring Structures and Establishments


Structures and Establishments Administration

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure structures and establishments types and attributes:

Managing Reference Structures and Establishments

Set the following FIDs for users to manage reference structures and establishments:

Managing Associations with Structures and Establishments

Civic Platform includes associations between structures and establishments with different records, and different objects (such as documents, addresses, conditions, and so forth).

Set the FIDs for users to manage the association between structures and establishments (S&E) and different record types:

Table 1. FIDs for Association with Structures & Establishments
Record Type Required FIDs for Association with S&E
Addresses 0006-Reference Property Addresses
Owners 0089-Reference Property Owners
Records 8405-Structure and Establishment
Parcels 0005-Reference Property Parcels
Licensed Professionals 0371-Professional List

Set the following Standard Choices: