Configuring People Template Fields

Set the following FIDs for administrators to configure people template fields:

Set the following FIDs to display people template fields in the contacts portlet and the licensed professionals portlet:

You can configure EMSE as the data source for people template fields, as a drop-down list type, and you can edit the attribute name.


If your agency implements multi-agency functionality, duplicate behavior at the super agency can result. For example, when selecting services for multiple agencies, Civic Platform can route the same questions at the State, County, or City level. This result occurs if you share template data at the super agency level For example, if Jon has a licensed professional record that two agencies share and each agency has their own template, Civic Platform duplicates the information display during multi-services selection.

To use EMSE to auto-populate people template fields

  1. Modify the GetPeopleTemplateDropdownListFieldScript sample script for your agency (see Civic Platform Scripting Guide).

  2. Set the following Standard Choice:

  3. Find the people template field. The data type of the field must be DropDownList. See the “People” chapter in the Civic Platform Administrator Guide.

    Click the Edit button for the people template field.

  4. Mark the EMSE Script Drop Down Lists: check box and assign the data source script for the attribute field. For example, the newly modified GetPeopleTemplateDropdownListFieldScript.

  5. Click the Update button.