Configuring Payments


Configuring the Payment Processing Portlet

Users can use the Payment Processing portlet to process the payments for one or more records and POS items as a whole.

  1. Set the following FIDs for the Payment Processing console:

  2. Set the following Standard Choices to configure the payment methods:

  3. You can enable a Received drop-down list field on all payment locations in Civic Platform, such as the Payment Processing console or the Record Payment tab. This field displays the manner of payment receipt. Set the following Standard Choice:

  4. You can define the receipt mask to use in the Payment Processing portlet. Set the following Standard Choice:

Configuring the Payment Tab

Your agency can determine whether to enable all of the options on the Payments tab in the user experience for a module, enable certain functions, or remove the Payments tab. When enabled, the Payment tab allows agency cashiers to locate and apply payments within an individual record. This tab displays in multiple modules within Civic Platform including Building, Sets, and Licenses.

  1. Set the following FIDs for the functions in the Payment tab:

  2. Set the following FID and Standard Choice for automatic receipt generation:

  3. Set the following Standard Choice to allow users to transfer of payments to future invoices:

Configuring the Point of Sale

Point of sale fees work like all other fees in Civic Platform. You add, assess, and process a fee item through a cashier payment without an associated record or associated service request. Civic Platform automatically invoices point of sale fee items so users can only add and void fee items. Civic Platform applies point of sale payments, without a payment apply screen.

  1. Set the following FIDs:

  2. Set the following Standard Choices in the order shown:


    The POINT_OF_SALE_TYPE and POINT_OF_SALE_FEE_SCHEDULE Standard Choices each require Values and Value Descriptions for the point of sale feature to work.

Note that currently, Citizen Access only supports fee items related to a record, not to a point of sale fee item. However, when Citizen Access does support point of sale fee items, enter USER=Public in the Value Desc field. Then enter a record ID to apply a dummy record ID for each fee item Value. The record ID must follow the format of xxxxx-xxxxx-#xxxx where xxxx is any alphanumeric value. For example, if Media is the Value, then the Value Desc field might look like this USER=Public;CapID=10POS-0000-#0000.

Accessing Automatic Payment Allocation

Set the following FID:

Configuring Payment Account Type Options

You can configure Civic Platform to control the Account and Check Types options displayed in the Check Payment user page.

Set the following Standard Choice:

Configuring Credit Card and Check Type Options

You can define credit card types and check types so that your agency can accept payments from credit cards or from checks.

Set the following Standard Choice: