Configuring Inspections


Inspection Administration

Set the FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure inspection types and groups, guidesheets, inspector profiles, and result groups.

Enabling Inspection Management

Set the following FID and Standard Choice:

Scheduling Inspections

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

Assigning and Auto-Assigning Inspections

Set the following FIDs:

Set the following Standard Choices:

Entering Guidesheet Items

Set the following FIDs:

Resulting Inspections

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

Planning Inspection Route Sheets

To enable and configure the Inspection Route Sheet feature, set the following FIDs:

To enable optimized inspection routing such as routing inspections by driving, walking, or public transit, define the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

Viewing Inspection Audit Logs

Set the following FIDs:

Accessing Inspection Documents

Set the following FIDs:

Configuring the GIS Button on the Inspection List Portlet

Set the following FID to define the display of the GIS button on the Inspection list portlet.

Enabling External Inspectors to Work with Inspections

Set the following Standard Choice and FID if your agency has contract inspectors or self-certified inspectors complete inspections on behalf of your agency: