Configuring EMSE Events to Streamline Workflow

You can configure the following events to streamline workflow by providing email notifications upon certain events.

Table 1. EMSE Events for Electronic Document Review
DocumentUploadAfter Trigger this event after you upload, check in or resubmit a document.
DocumentReviewAddBeforeDocumentReviewAddAfter Trigger this event after you newly assign a review task.
DocumentReviewDeleteBeforeDocumentReviewDeleteAfter Trigger this event after you delete a review task.
DocumentReviewUpdateBefore Trigger this event after you update a review task.
DocumentReviewUpdateAfter Trigger this event after you submit the update of a review task to the database.
PublishCommentAfter Trigger this event after you publish the comments for a document.
Note: Trained administrators must rewrite scripts in collaboration with an Accela Implementation specialist. Improperly written scripts can seriously damage your system by incorrectly altering or deleting data for many records. For information on writing scripts and using the Event Manager and Script Engine tools, see the Civic Platform Scripting Guide.