Configuring Daily Workflow Management Tab


Configuring the Workflow Tab in the Record Portlet

Users have the option to assign and manage tasks in the Workflow tab of the Record portlet. You can configure the access to the Workflow tab in the Record portlet.

Set the following FIDs:

Configuring the Workflow Tasks Tab in the My Tasks Page

Users can assign or reassign multiple inspections or workflow tasks from the My Tasks portlet. You can configure the My Tasks user portlet to display all workflow tasks.

Set the following FIDs:

Enabling Supervisory Rights to Workflow Management

Some users may require supervisory rights to manage workflows.

Set the following FID:

Configuring the Task Management

Set the following FIDs for users to track workflow tasks:

Deleting Workflow

Set the following FIDs to enable users to delete a workflow process or a task history record associated with a record: