Configuring Cashier Workstation


Configuring the Cash Drawer

You can configure Civic Platform to identify specific computers to accept payments, and identify which computers to be the cash drawer to receive payments.

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

Configuring a Cashier Drawer for ACA Public Users

Citizen Access does not support Standard Choice CASHIER_STATION. However, You can assign Citizen Access public users an optional default Cashier ID in their user profile. You can assign a default Cashier ID for Citizen Access public users that do not have a Cashier assigned in their user profile.

Set the Standard Choices ACA_WORKSTATION_ID and ACA_TERMINAL_ID.

Table 1. Standard Choices for ACA Public User Cash Drawer
Standard Choice Standard Choice Value
ACA_WORKSTATION_ID A generic workstation ID to use for the default Citizen Access cashier drawer.
ACA_TERMINAL_ID A generic terminal ID to use for the default Citizen Access for cashier drawer.

Configuring Cashier Sessions

You can configure a cash drawer to run cashier sessions, open the cash drawer, print receipts with a receipt printer, and print endorsements on the back of checks.

You can also track the value of transactions recorded during a cashier session by entering the total in the Deposit Slip # field before ending the session. In the Deposit Date field, supervisors can use the date picker icon to select a date or manually edit date, and after submittal, they can modify the Deposit Slip # and the Deposit Date fields.

  1. Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices:

  2. Specify whether to capture the cash drawer by setting the Standard Choice as follows: