Configuring Associations with Records

The Record portlet displays all types of information associated with a record in tabs, or in sections in the application intake form.

  1. To configure access to the Detail tab, the Summary tab, the summary button, and the information provided in the record summary page, set the following FIDs:

  2. There are a series of FIDs controlling whether the associated information is available for records.

    Table 1. FIDs for Associations with Records
    Information Types Required FIDs for Associations with Records
    Addresses 8253-Showing GIS X/Y Locator, 8028-Addresses
    Additional Information 8033-Additional Information
    App Spec Info and App Spec Info Tables See Enabling ASI Edits in Records.
    Comments 8110-Application Comment, 8340-Application Comments Edit
    Condition and Condition History 8020-Condition Full Privileges8272-Application Condition History, 8365- Inheritable editable
    Contacts 8031-Contacts
    Documents 8212-Upload EDMS Attachment8433-Document Permission Settings. For configuring document review functions, see Electronic Document Review.
    Education and Continuing Education 8420-Daily Education Info, 8421-Daily Delete Required Education, 8428-Daily Continuing Education Info, 8429-Daily Delete Required Continuing Education
    Evidence 8332-Evidence8334-Evidence Supervisor
    Examination 8430-Daily Examination Info, 8431-Daily Delete Required Examination
    Fees See Accounting.
    Hearings 8229-Hearings (obsolete, replaced by 8483)
    Inspections 8249-Turn Off the Inspection Tab in CAP List
    Owners 8030-Owners
    Parcels 8029-Parcels
    Payment See Accounting.
    Professionals 8032-Licensed Professionals, 8446-Disable Licensed Professionals Delete
    Related Records 8236-Related CAPs-Search, 8292-Create Multiple Related CAPs, 8293-Open New Related CAP in SPEAR, 8323-Update Related Caps, 8460-Delete Related Records, RELATED_CAP_SUMMARY, RELATED_RECORDS_DEFAULT_VIEW, RELATED_CAP_CONFIG
    Renewal 8398-Cap Renewal, RELATED_CAP_SUMMARY
    Structure 8103-Structure Tracking
    Status and Status History 8141-Application Status, 8142-Application Status History, 8408-Edit Application Status History
    Workflow See Configuring Daily Workflow Management Tab.