Configuring Assets


Asset Administration

Set the FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure asset types and asset groups.

Administrators can configure assets for users to access in all of the Accela solution modules.

Managing Assets

Set the following FIDs for users to add and manage assets:

Managing Associations with Assets

Civic Platform includes associations between assets with different records, information or objects (such as documents, addresses, conditions, and so forth).

Set the FIDs for users to manage the association between assets and different record types:

Table 2. FIDs for Association with Assets
Record Type Required FIDs for Association with Assets
Addresses 8201-Daily Asset Location
Condition 8282-Asset Condition
Condition Assessment 8308-Asset Condition Assessment Management
Contacts 8031-Contacts
Documents 8294-Asset Document Look up
Parts 8402-Asset Associated Part
PM Schedules 8262-Daily-Asset PM Schedule List
Ratings 8399-Asset Rating
Usage 8277-Asset Usage Tracking

Creating Work Orders from Assets

Set the following FID:

Configuring Asset Group Update

You can enable updating of multiple assets, in the same asset group, with the same information.

Set the following FID: