Configuring Addresses


Address Administration

Set the following FIDs and Standard Choices for administrators to configure address types and groups:

Managing Reference Addresses

Set the following FIDs for users to manage reference addresses:

Agencies can provide an exact numeric street number for search criteria and can return exact address matches in Civic Platform by enabling the field Street # in the Find Application Profile. To display this field, you must configure the R1 Server Constant SPECIAL ADDRESS MODEL. Set the constant value to Yes to display the Street # field in the Application Search Form Profile page.

Managing Associations with Addresses

Civic Platform includes associations between addresses with different records, and different objects (such as documents, addresses, conditions, and so forth).

Set the FIDs for users to manage the association between addresses and different record types:

Table 1. FIDs for Association with Addresses
Record Type Required FIDs for Association with Addresses
Comments 8388-Reference Address Comments
Conditions 0208-Reference Address Condition History, 0069-Reference Condition Addresses
Assets 0222-Address Asset
Inspections 8281-Inspector Districting
PM Schedules 0220-Admin AMS Address PM Schedule
Sets 8378-Address Set Detail
Work Orders 0223-Address Work Order