Configuring the Civic Platform Console


Configuring the Civic Platform 8.x User Interface

You can enable and disable the Civic Platform 8.x user interface. If enabled, the Civic Platform application shows a Switch New UI link at the top right corner to allow users to toggle between the legacy V360 and Civic Platform 8.x user interface:

Configuring the Create New Menu

You can configure the Create New menu item to display for specific user groups and you can configure the number of create new options that display in the menu.

Set the following FID and Standard Choices:

Configuring the Navigation Menu

You can configure the number of items that display in the Navigation > Recently Viewed menu.

Set the following Standard Choice:

Configuring the Go To Menu

You can configure a custom drop-down menu for record detail portlets by customizing the Go To menu tab.

Set the following FID:

Confirm that you set the value of the Menu_Navigation_Enabled server constant Yes. System administrators can receive technical assistance from either the Accela Customer Resource Center or an Accela Services implementation staff to work with server constants.

Configuring Flow Diagram

Set the following FID to enable administrators to set up and manage flow diagrams, each flow diagram providing list of nodes that help users perform their daily tasks:

Configuring Portlets

Set the following FID to enable administrators to create their own portlets and embed in Civic Platform website: