Civic Platform


System Switch


With this Standard Choice, you can uniquely identify, by an ID, any cash drawer receiving payment. Mapping the computer name to the workstation name allows each client computer to find its cash drawer ID in the Standard Choice. You can then use the cash drawer ID in payment transactions and associate it with the payment.

The mapping is one-to-one between the Standard Choice value and the Value Desc. Use only unique name and unique number for each name and ID.

Standard Choice values can include:

{computer_name}. The computer name (mask key CDI). This value must exactly match the workstation name given to the computer that records the receipt of payments. For example, if the computer name is Cashier Station 3, enter Cashier Station 3 as the Standard Choice value. You may need to contact your agency IT administrator to find the name of the computer.

Value Desc:

{The cash drawer ID (mask key CDI), 8 characters at maximum.}