Civic Platform, Citizen Access, and Mobile Office


System Switch


This Standard Choice specifies whether to link or copy a reference contact or licensed professional when users add the reference contact or licensed professional to a new or existing record.

You must define the Standard Choice values in the Standard Choices portlet in the Setup Admin (Editing Standard Choices in the Setup Admin).

Table 1. AUTP_SYNC_PEOPLE Standard Choice Values
Value Description
Module Name Displays the modules in the agency. This Standard Choice setting applies at the module level.
Sync Contact When selected, links a contact with its reference source when the contact associates with a record.
When you link a record contact with its reference source, the following information synchronize between the contacts:
  • Standard contact fields except Contact Type and Status.
  • Common template contact fields between the contact and its reference source. Usually, contact types for transaction include role-specific template fields, but contact types for reference do not include these fields.
  • Contact addresses.
Active When selected, includes this item on the list of Standard Choices.