Citizen Access


System Switch


This Standard Choice defines the authorized service types that the agency can support, and the printers that authorized agents or authorized agent clerks can use to print license tags in authorized service.

Currently, Citizen Access only supports fishing and hunting license sales.

Table 1. AUTHORIZED_SERVICE Standard Choice Values
Value Value Description Description
FISHING_AND_HUNTING_ LICENSE_SALES Enter the service name you want to display for the service type. The service name is “Fishing and Hunting License Sales” by default. You can enter a new name to replace the default one.
Printers Enter the model name of the barcode printer for license tag printing. You can right click the printer icon you are using, select Properties, and then get the model name of the printer in the pop-up Properties window.

It is recommended to use Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III Printer models for printing quality license tags.