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System Switch


Use this Standard Choice to control access to an application based on its status. Enter each workflow, or process, by FID.

For example, you can limit access to a building permit application if the status is Plan Review by restricting users ability to schedule inspections or result inspections, and allowing them to only view the application. When the application status changes to Issued, users can schedule an inspection and result an inspection.

Table 1. APPLICATION_TYPE_SECURITY_FID Standard Choice Values
Standard Choice Values Value Description
8119 GIS
0179 Admin Application Specific Info Subgroups
8033 Additional Information
8028 Addresses
8110 Application Comment
8154 Application Hierarchy - Check Application Type Security at selection time.
8073 Application Specific Information
8270 Application Specific Info Table
8141 Application Status
8142 Application Status History
8104 Assess Fees
8108 Cashier Payment
8020 Condition Full Privileges
8031 Contacts
8153 Document Upload
8271 Fees Recalculate Fees
8145 Inspection Results
8143 Inspection Scheduling
8032 Licensed Professionals
8030 Owners
8029 Parcels
8103 Structure Tracking
8051 Subtask Guide Sheet
0245 Time Tracking
8038 Valuation Calculation
8323 Update Related CAPs
8132 Workflow, Workflow History, Workflow Ad hoc


Also if your agency has a Workflow Supervisor (FID 8090-Workflow Supervisor enabled), see the Standard Choice WORKFLOW_FIDS.