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System Switch


This Standard Choice determines how Civic Platform synchronizes associated reference data in new record intake forms or on the tabs in the record detail portlet. Types of associated reference data can be: Address, Parcel, Owner, Structure, and Establishment. When you add or delete some reference information in a record, Civic Platform automatically adds associated reference data of the reference information, prompts the user to add or delete it, or the user must manually complete each reference data section.

Standard Choice values are:






Value Desc options are:

Auto. The associated reference data automatically populate a record.

Prompt. A message window pops up displaying the associated reference data. The user can populate the record with information from the associated reference data, look up another reference record, or enter new information.

Manual. The associated reference data does not automatically populate in the record. You must complete the associated reference data manually,

For example, a reference parcel is added to the Parcel section of a record. One address, two owners, and one structure are associated with the parcel.

  • If the Address value for APOSE_SYNCHRONIZE is set to Auto, then the associated address information automatically populates the record.

  • If the Owner value is set to Prompt, a prompt window pops up displaying the information for the two associated owners. The user can choose to populate the record with one or both of the associated owners’ information.

  • If the Structure value is set to Manual, the user must complete the Structures section manually, by searching for an existing structure and adding its information to the record. The associated reference data does not automatically populate in the record.